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Oppa Outing #4: Hyunsik oppa to the rescue

Well, this was originally supposed to be a Sungjae oppa outing, but he was "too busy" to come with us on this day, so Hyunsik oppa stepped in.

Hyunsik oppa is an elephant because Hyunsik is freakishly strong and they share a lovely eye smile. The elephant plush, which I got on eBay, was listed with a little felt flower on its head, but didn't actually come with it (I got a refund) – this is important because one time Hyunsik put a flower clip in his hair and pretended to grow it by dripping water on his head, freaking out his stylist. (I am working on getting Hyunsik oppa his own flower.)

HS and avatar

I'd taken the day off work on Tuesday and sarea_okelani had some time to do lunch, so we met at Kiku Sushi. We both got the bento box special of salmon teriyaki, sashimi, and tempura. Sarea overheard a nearby table of… let's say… Asian cuisine-challenged patrons ask for Sweet N Low for their green tea; I didn't hear this at the time and when she told me later my mind was blown. I had no idea this is a thing people do in real life, like asking for ketchup in France. Lol.

HS oppa Kiku - 051518

After that we took a quick Starbucks break, and Hyunsik oppa also came with us to Korean class, where he was variously described by classmates who noticed him hanging off my handbag as cute, small, and red. (We never learned our colors in class. We're all terrible at Korean.)

HS oppa in K class - 051518HS oppa Sbux - 051518
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Oppa Outing #3: Minstar shows us a good time

For the longer explanation of why sarea_okelani and I have collectively gone insane and instituted Oppa Outings, see her post here (along with Oppa Outings #1 and #2). The short version is this: when you get two enablers together, things get out of hand real quick.

Minhyuk was our destined oppa on Saturday. Here he is, with his namesake. Minhyuk oppa is a red squirrel because he is frequently compared to a squirrel and is known as BTOB's "red man" because one time he split his pants on stage and was revealed to be wearing bright red underpants, and nobody has ever let him forget it.

Minhyuk and avatar

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You can both be Changsub

Vancouver/Richmond road trip! That's right, we did it again. Though the Canadian dollar is recovering, the exchange rate still works out quite nicely in our favor. sarea_okelani and I went up first, and then we were joined by slitherhither a couple of days later. Whooo!

DAY 1: YOLOing is overrated

We left around 8:45 in the AM to make it in time for lunch in Richmond with a 6-hour road trip playlist Sarea had put together the night before (mostly K-pop) that would last us both there and back.

Sarea: Since each song will probably play only once we'll really have to appreciate it when each one plays.
Adelagia: So this trip will be made in total silence!

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Curse you, Perry the Platypus!

Late to the party as usual, I've only just found out about the dick move Photobucket made recently (i.e., restrict photo embedding anywhere unless you pony up $400), so I have hundreds of pictures here on LJ that need to be uploaded elsewhere and then re-embedded. That's assuming I want to go through the trouble... Granted, much of it is really old and nobody but me will look at it, but I'm very partial to my nostalgia. A lot of those pictures accompany blog posts about trips I've taken that I like to relive from time to time. Ugh. Why you gotta make life so difficult, Photobucket?? Though, given the customer backlash, life is probably pretty difficult for Photobucket right now, too. Which is well-deserved. Badly done, Photobucket. Badly done.

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Help me, Piglet!

Some months ago, sarea_okelani and I decided that we were going to start a series of YOLO dinners (within reason). Last month we did Tom Douglas's Dumpling Fest (various stations of dumpling samples from all sorts of local chefs/restaurants) and this past weekend, we went to Staple & Fancy for their tasting menu at $55/person -- 4 courses of appetizers, pasta, protein, and dessert.

It was a lot like Toro Bravo all over again (that time we went to Portland and broke our stomachs); clearly we are not good at remembering lessons we learned -- but at least this time we could take our leftovers home instead of being forced to stuff ourselves up to our eyeballs.

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In other recollections, as I have obviously not been good about keeping a record of things I've been up to, accordingtomel came to visit a few weeks ago, during the first weekend of March. We attended the Emerald City Comic-con on the Friday and Saturday, though this year I wasn't feeling too enthused about the overall offering of guests/panels. The ones we did attend were a panel with the cast of Animaniacs, Twisted Toonz: Return of the Jedi (voice actors read out scenes from the movie in different voices), and Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things.

The absolute best one was Twisted Toonz, which hadn't even been on our radar prior to Friday because on the online schedule it didn't list who was even going to be there, but it turned out to be four of the Animaniacs cast (Tress Macneille, Jess Harnell, Rob Paulsen, and Maurice Lamarche), Jim Cummings, and Troy Baker. It was hysterical hearing lines from Star Wars read out in the voices of characters from cartoons and pop culture, like Animaniacs, Mom and Hedonism Bot from Futurama, Carl from Jimmy Neutron, Aaron Neville, Tigger, Darkwing Duck, the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, Alan Rickman, Richard Pryor, Jeff Goldblum... Oh man, there were so many and they were all awesome. But the one that stuck with me the most was Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings) -- oh my god, there is something downright magical about hearing that fussy little voice in real life. It was so sweet, I nearly cried. "Oh, bother." Gah. *clutches heart*

We also did the Prison escape room at Flee Escape with Sarea and slitherhither, which was excellent fun. We were initially divided into two separate jail cells and had to work together to free ourselves from our respective cells. I think we all really enjoyed this one; the puzzles were all pretty logical and it was one of those where, for the most part, you could do things in tandem so it wasn't like if one person was solving something, everybody else had to just stand there and wait around. It was Mel's first time doing an escape room, and after it was over she immediately wanted to do another one. I knew there was a reason we're friends!
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What to heck??

So much for a fun snow day. Here I was envisioning a day of relaxation and resting up to get rid of my stupid cold (and possibly even vacuuming), but no. Of course that wouldn't happen. Because of course the power at my condo had to go out. It's been out for ten hours and counting now, with no ETA from the electric company as to when it'll be restored.

Thankfully, I could charge my phone in my car, and once the roads were cleared, my parents came to get me (they don't trust that I can drive in winter conditions and they're probably correct, as I can barely drive properly in fully clement weather). Now I am warm, with electricity, and with wi-fi at my parents' house. Huzzah!

Here's to hoping that the power will come back soon and no pipes get frozen and maybe another school closure for the one I didn't even get to enjoy. Lol.

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Suck it, Monday

Snow day! Snow day! Snow day!!!

I know we'll just have to make it up sometime later in the year, but... Snow day! Snow day! Snow day!

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I'm siiick.

I've been sick for about two weeks with a cold and this is the third time I've left work early. Ugh. I hate burning through my sick leave, even though I have plenty; I just like the idea of hoarding them to the point where I could take two straight months off work if I wanted to. And I think I'm just not getting better because everyone else around me is sick too, especially the childrens who don't know how to not cough and sneeze directly on other people. Pleh.

Now I am at home in sweatpants (cue Karl Lagerfeld: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants" LOL) and watching The Princess Bride, the movie that still holds up even on one's thirty-ninth viewing.

Last weekend sarea_okelani and I went to see The King, a Korean movie about the 1% in politics in the 1990s -- a subsection of prosecutors who game the system so they can live in luxury. Though we were both impressed that it managed to make it all the way up here (and not even just LA and New York), and my current one true love Ryu Junyeol is beautiful and effective in it, it was, unlike The Princess Bride, not a great movie.

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I've also watched the last series of Sherlock, finally. It was a slogCollapse )
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