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You stabbed him with a knife?!

I started a draft of what I've been up to; unfortunately I started that draft in mid-January and promptly forgot about it and now it seems pointless to post about all that minutiae. So here's Korean stuff I've watched in the last little while instead:

Life: Hospital administration intrigue! Which sounds like not a very interesting premise at all, but it was actually quite compelling with several nicely written and acted characters. It wasn't without its problems (like a lackluster and completely unnecessary romance and somehow also a lackluster and completely unnecessary male lead...?) but overall the good far outweighed the bad. It also had a lot of Hey It's That Guy moments, which I always enjoy. Lol.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: I finished 16 episodes in two days, which normally would indicate that it was really well done, but it was the opposite. Collapse )

Splash Splash Love: Cute, amusing, and ultimately forgettable, but a nice antidote to the dark WTFery of SIG's drama. It's only 2 episodes so it went fast, and I generally always enjoy Kim Seulgi (even though she kind of overdid it with the cutesy high schooler voice) and Daeyoung from Let's Eat (which is what he will always be to me).

It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets: Oh, now I see what the fuss surrounding Kang Daniel is about. WHAT A GODDAMN CUTIE. I only ever saw pictures of him before and didn't get why everyone was so into him. I hope he has a solid solo career that I can follow, because Wanna One has already disbanded and I had no interest in them in the first place. I really liked most of this program -- the conceit is that a bunch of celebrity homebodies/introverts/antisocials come together to stay in the same house for a while and have to hang out -- but sometimes it was SO AWKWARD to watch because the guests would arrive, not know what to say to each other, and so just sit IN SILENCE for extended periods of time. Not even questions about the weather or each other's jobs or whatever, just SILENCE. But overall it was cute and I'm also now in love with EXO's Xiumin (and then impulse-bought a chubby little cat plushie to be his oppa avatar even though we don't really take our oppas around anymore; I regret nothing). He's cute, tidy, AND can deal with bugs? Sign me up.

Master Key: Fun enough of a variety show; it's a bit like Mafia in that you have to guess who carries the 'master key' and everybody can pretend to be things they're not. The last handful of episodes where they travelled around outside of their Master Key studio steadily declined in fun, though. Still, it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces from various bands.

Tidying Up: Not a Korean show, but it's CHANGED MY LIFE. Lolol. I bought Marie Kondo's books after watching this and KonMaried my place, and I'm still not quite done, but it's so much nicer living here now. I never thought of myself as a super untidy or cluttery person but it's still made a huge difference. I just don't have ANY mess now. Everything has a home, it's way easier to clean, and I'm developing the habit of considering what I truly want and need, rather than, say, just buy something because it's cheap and I can make do with it.
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Oppa Outings #... Oh god, who knows anymore. Let's say #15 and #16.

It all started four years ago, when we went to Ivar's Salmon House in Seattle on a beautiful summer's day, me and sarea_okelani and slitherhither. We sat outside by the water, watching the boats whiz by, pouring oyster shooters down our gullets, a perfect way to while away a summer afternoon. We vowed then to come back every summer, maybe even multiple times a summer.

Cut to the last week of August 2018 and we still had yet to make good on that vow. The lesson here is to never trust any of us when we promise things. In our defense, we did plan to go to Ivar's on the 25th, but the weather was crappy that day and we were still in the throes of that horrible haze that had enveloped Seattle due to fires in both California and British Columbia, with the winds somehow blowing smoke towards us from both ends.

So instead we ended up at Tacos Chukis in the SLU neighborhood of Seattle, on recommendation from our friend S. Sarea got pork tacos, a cheese quesadilla, and horchata; I had pork and beef tacos; Slither got pork on cactus! She let us try a bit of cactus; it was sort of squashy like okra, which Sarea did not care for. I like okra a lot, so it was fine.

Sarea and I have become somewhat lax on bringing oppas with us, largely because, as explained before, a) we are creatures of habit and it got boring taking pictures of all the same places we always go to, and b) there was a lot of travel happening in summer, especially for Sarea, and we just kinda forgot about our regular weekend stuff. It was no different on this day, but thankfully, I had Emergency Eeyore with me, who is technically a little pouch in which I carry my headphones, but can also fill in for Minhyuk oppa since he had an Eeyore costume on in their Winter's Tale video. (I also had Emergency Donald on hand, but Eunkwang has since enlisted in the military, so he is in no condition to take us anywhere.)

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Oppa Outings #11 and #14 (I think??)

It was bound to happen, sarea_okelani and I falling behind on our posting, and so these are all a bit of a vaguely-recalled jumble. Nonetheless, we shall soldier on.

At the end of June, we first went for haircuts with our usual stylist, and then I picked up sandwiches from Tres Sandwich and went to her house so we could watch a GOT7 concert DVD she'd picked up at KCON NY a couple weeks before. Hyunsik oppa got to hang out with all the oppas at Sarea's house and joined us for lunch. He also now has the flower he was missing before! :D

20180630 HS oppa - Jens house 20180630 HS oppa - GOT7 dvd

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Oppa Outing #8: 8 out of 8 oppas agree, "The dancing must go on"

This past Saturday, sarea_okelani and I began our weekend festivities at Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ restaurant we have been to several times (including with Sungjae oppa). When I say "we" and "several times" I mean Sarea and I, and approximately four times so far. Sarea with other people? Like, twenty-six times, at a minimum. So many times, in fact, that the manager greeted her by name when we walked in.

When we first started going to Gyu-Kaku, it was awesome because it was one of the few places we like that would take reservations online so we never had to worry about waiting for a table. It's really popular so if you didn't have a reservation you might have to wait upwards of an hour. However, their front-of-house management is very much lacking, and eventually they removed the option to make lunch reservations altogether.

Sarea had the foresight to make a ton of reservations in advance before this policy was implemented (we're booked every weekend through the end of the month, I think), but it's troublesome for when she wants to go with her colleagues during the work day and they can't afford to spend their entire lunch break waiting for a table.

Anyway, that is all backstory to say that once we were seated, the manager N came over and gave Sarea unofficial VIP status and her personal cell phone number to make up for the inability to take online reservations. So now whenever Sarea wants, she can just call N to reserve a table and bypass the crowds of commoners gathered in huddled masses at the front. This made Sarea's colleague C, upon being texted the news, very happy: "Lunch there every day?"

We attributed this stroke of luck to our oppa for the day, Song Joongki, represented by a wolf because a) he played a werewolf in the film Wolf Boy, and b) in Descendants of the Sun, he had a plush wolf (possibly fox?) dressed in army uniform - which would have been perfect for us to get, except the small sizes of the plush came without the uniform, in which case, why even bother??

Here's SJK oppa with his namesake. We took this picture at our dinner place, where there was a poster of real SJK shilling for some sort of beer, and now, as Sarea pointed out, I don't even have to search for a picture of SJK to juxtapose with SJK oppa. Hooray!

SJK oppa with avatar 060218

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Oppa Outing #6: Angel Ilhoon joins the ranks

Two oppas joined us on part one of a weekend in Federal Way. It's a bit of a drive, but sarea_okelani and I like going down there because they have excellent Korean food (although so many places only open for dinner so it's a Sophie's choice of what to eat every time now, ugh) and our regular noraebang. slitherhither would also join us later!

The primary oppa chosen to accompany us this time was Ilhoon. He is represented by Tigger because BTOB once dressed up as Disney characters for their Winter's Tale music video, which was adorable to the max. Hoonie oppa also has little angel wings (a doggy harness, teehee) because Ilhoon's birthday is on Oct 4, and in Korean, the word for 1004 is a homonym for the word 'angel'. (He rarely lives up to his nickname.)

IH and avatar

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Oppa Outing #4: Hyunsik oppa to the rescue

Well, this was originally supposed to be a Sungjae oppa outing, but he was "too busy" to come with us on this day, so Hyunsik oppa stepped in.

Hyunsik oppa is an elephant because Hyunsik is freakishly strong and they share a lovely eye smile. The elephant plush, which I got on eBay, was listed with a little felt flower on its head, but didn't actually come with it (I got a refund) – this is important because one time Hyunsik put a flower clip in his hair and pretended to grow it by dripping water on his head, freaking out his stylist. (I am working on getting Hyunsik oppa his own flower.)

HS and avatar

I'd taken the day off work on Tuesday and sarea_okelani had some time to do lunch, so we met at Kiku Sushi. We both got the bento box special of salmon teriyaki, sashimi, and tempura. Sarea overheard a nearby table of… let's say… Asian cuisine-challenged patrons ask for Sweet N Low for their green tea; I didn't hear this at the time and when she told me later my mind was blown. I had no idea this is a thing people do in real life, like asking for ketchup in France. Lol.

HS oppa Kiku - 051518

After that we took a quick Starbucks break, and Hyunsik oppa also came with us to Korean class, where he was variously described by classmates who noticed him hanging off my handbag as cute, small, and red. (We never learned our colors in class. We're all terrible at Korean.)

HS oppa in K class - 051518HS oppa Sbux - 051518
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Oppa Outing #3: Minstar shows us a good time

For the longer explanation of why sarea_okelani and I have collectively gone insane and instituted Oppa Outings, see her post here (along with Oppa Outings #1 and #2). The short version is this: when you get two enablers together, things get out of hand real quick.

Minhyuk was our destined oppa on Saturday. Here he is, with his namesake. Minhyuk oppa is a red squirrel because he is frequently compared to a squirrel and is known as BTOB's "red man" because one time he split his pants on stage and was revealed to be wearing bright red underpants, and nobody has ever let him forget it.

Minhyuk and avatar

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You can both be Changsub

Vancouver/Richmond road trip! That's right, we did it again. Though the Canadian dollar is recovering, the exchange rate still works out quite nicely in our favor. sarea_okelani and I went up first, and then we were joined by slitherhither a couple of days later. Whooo!

DAY 1: YOLOing is overrated

We left around 8:45 in the AM to make it in time for lunch in Richmond with a 6-hour road trip playlist Sarea had put together the night before (mostly K-pop) that would last us both there and back.

Sarea: Since each song will probably play only once we'll really have to appreciate it when each one plays.
Adelagia: So this trip will be made in total silence!

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Curse you, Perry the Platypus!

Late to the party as usual, I've only just found out about the dick move Photobucket made recently (i.e., restrict photo embedding anywhere unless you pony up $400), so I have hundreds of pictures here on LJ that need to be uploaded elsewhere and then re-embedded. That's assuming I want to go through the trouble... Granted, much of it is really old and nobody but me will look at it, but I'm very partial to my nostalgia. A lot of those pictures accompany blog posts about trips I've taken that I like to relive from time to time. Ugh. Why you gotta make life so difficult, Photobucket?? Though, given the customer backlash, life is probably pretty difficult for Photobucket right now, too. Which is well-deserved. Badly done, Photobucket. Badly done.