February 18th, 2019

mst3k | whimsy overdose

You stabbed him with a knife?!

I started a draft of what I've been up to; unfortunately I started that draft in mid-January and promptly forgot about it and now it seems pointless to post about all that minutiae. So here's Korean stuff I've watched in the last little while instead:

Life: Hospital administration intrigue! Which sounds like not a very interesting premise at all, but it was actually quite compelling with several nicely written and acted characters. It wasn't without its problems (like a lackluster and completely unnecessary romance and somehow also a lackluster and completely unnecessary male lead...?) but overall the good far outweighed the bad. It also had a lot of Hey It's That Guy moments, which I always enjoy. Lol.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: I finished 16 episodes in two days, which normally would indicate that it was really well done, but it was the opposite. Collapse )

Splash Splash Love: Cute, amusing, and ultimately forgettable, but a nice antidote to the dark WTFery of SIG's drama. It's only 2 episodes so it went fast, and I generally always enjoy Kim Seulgi (even though she kind of overdid it with the cutesy high schooler voice) and Daeyoung from Let's Eat (which is what he will always be to me).

It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets: Oh, now I see what the fuss surrounding Kang Daniel is about. WHAT A GODDAMN CUTIE. I only ever saw pictures of him before and didn't get why everyone was so into him. I hope he has a solid solo career that I can follow, because Wanna One has already disbanded and I had no interest in them in the first place. I really liked most of this program -- the conceit is that a bunch of celebrity homebodies/introverts/antisocials come together to stay in the same house for a while and have to hang out -- but sometimes it was SO AWKWARD to watch because the guests would arrive, not know what to say to each other, and so just sit IN SILENCE for extended periods of time. Not even questions about the weather or each other's jobs or whatever, just SILENCE. But overall it was cute and I'm also now in love with EXO's Xiumin (and then impulse-bought a chubby little cat plushie to be his oppa avatar even though we don't really take our oppas around anymore; I regret nothing). He's cute, tidy, AND can deal with bugs? Sign me up.

Master Key: Fun enough of a variety show; it's a bit like Mafia in that you have to guess who carries the 'master key' and everybody can pretend to be things they're not. The last handful of episodes where they travelled around outside of their Master Key studio steadily declined in fun, though. Still, it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces from various bands.

Tidying Up: Not a Korean show, but it's CHANGED MY LIFE. Lolol. I bought Marie Kondo's books after watching this and KonMaried my place, and I'm still not quite done, but it's so much nicer living here now. I never thought of myself as a super untidy or cluttery person but it's still made a huge difference. I just don't have ANY mess now. Everything has a home, it's way easier to clean, and I'm developing the habit of considering what I truly want and need, rather than, say, just buy something because it's cheap and I can make do with it.