Hee! Oh, that's brilliant, my darling... ♥ Beautifully done! :-D
Thank you lovely, that's absolutely perfect and you've made me smile this morning ♥
How incredibly adorable is this wonderful comic strip??? :D Oh bb, you're so talented, this is beyond cute! Wee!Merlin and wee!Arthur - you should draw more of this! \0/

Are you going to sign up for BB?

Heee, thank you, darling! ♥ I have at least one more planned as the schedule goes along, lol. *is nerd*

I won't be writing for the BB; I just don't have it in me to produce that many words in that amount of time (I've been working on a fic for like, a year and a half now and I've only just broken the 30k mark, argh)! But I'm thinking of signing up to be a cheerleader :)
I think everything in life should be introduced by a comic strip.

Now, if only I had it in me to write 30k for Merlin. Sadly I don't think I'd be able to do it :( Very excited to see what everyone else comes up with though.
I hear you. 30k in six months is way too daunting for me; I don't have that many words! Might sign up in some other aspect though; cheerleader, maybe. BBs are fuuun. :)
So cute!! I love the last three panels so much. <3
I am *beyond* excited to know that you are writing for Paperlegends this year. *trembles* I cannot wait to see your story. *faints*
the_muppet just pimped this at her lj and I am so glad 'cause this is the most epic, most adorable thing I've ever seen. Kudos!

"I´ll need a cheerleader"... "I´ll round up the knights"

That´s absolutely brilliant!! ;)