Oh bb, this is beyond cutadorable! *loves wee!Merlin to bits*

Thank you so much for sharing this, it made me smile! ♥

I am sorry, but I have tipped over like a crazy woman at my desk laughing at this strip!

I'm a signed-up cheerleader already or I would totally be off to cheer based on the cuteness of this, bb.
I have tipped over like a crazy woman at my desk laughing at this strip

HAA. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. \0/ You're going to be such an awesome cheerleader!
Well, with 182 writers, I think the chances of that happening look pretty good! :D Gwaaaiine \0/
I can't believe you're not signed up as an artist!

You are too wonderful for words, did I tell you that enough times today already? ♥ ♥ ♥

*appropriate icon is appropriate*
Giant Percival is giant!!! LOVE. And I love his one word answers. Seems very much to fit with his character!
Hee, Percival is seriously eighty feet tall. I definitely see him as a man of few words! :) Thank you for stopping by!
HEE. I'm glad; stick figures are the only style I can do! I am terrible at real art :) Thanks for stopping by!
How can you make Merlin's face so expressive when he doesn't even have a mouth? Adorable in all the right ways^^
This just made me laugh right out loud and get weird looks. Giant!Percival = awesome. And the 'what's Lancelot doing' line was genius! Kudos!
This is adorable! And the last two panels made me giggle out loud! I adore these &hearts
Percival is so freaking tall! (Also it saved me the trouble of having to draw his face!) Thanks so much for stopping by; glad you liked it! :)