This is so cute! There was at least one person who thought artists did exactly this in last year's round, so this feels very fitting. I love your BB comics. ^_^
Oh, I am not at all into Merlin!fic but this comic is hilarious and adorable.
*laughing* Oh, but how he (and so many others) wish. *g* Wonderful!
Oh bb, how I love your wee!Merlin and wee!Arthur - adorbs to the max! ♥ ♥ ♥

I wish you'd draw more of these comics, they're brilliant and witty and so, so cute! *clutches to chest*

These are always so adorable! I love Arthur recoiling from the picture, and his inner dialogue is pricelsss! (He really wants rhubarb pie for dinner, huh?)

(He really wants rhubarb pie for dinner, huh?)

LOL! Yes, that must be it. :D Thanks so much for stopping by!