Oh bb, this is SO DAMN CUUUUUUUUUUUTE (and funny)! *giggles*

Thank you so, so much for sharing this, your Arthur/Merlin BB comics are THE BEST! ♥ ♥ ♥
HEEE, I'm so glad you like it, bb! And your comments always make me smile so big. ♥ Thank you for pimping it on your LJ, too!
Merlin's powers of persuasion are terrific. He's just too sweet whe he's all teary. Arthur will write a 100,000 word epic!
It's like watching a unicorn and a rainbow and a kitten cry at the same time.

Thank you so much, hon! :D
Thank you so much (as always) for your wonderful comic; I am SO PROUD to have the originals, as you know from the photo I sent! ♥

Thank you too for pimping the cheer post, I'm actually really disappointed at the lack of posting there, I just think it's kind of sad =(

*hugs muchly*
Aw, I'm so happy you like them, hon. And thank you for pimping them at paperlegends all the time! ♥

I'm hoping the lack of response at that post is just because it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I still think it's a really good idea!

Oh my god, can I please have Merlin come cry at me?
This is hilarious in its trueness. Oh, god.


May it guilt you sufficiently into writing all the words. :) And thank you so much for stopping by!
LOL, good luck with the writing! May you never incur Merlin's Tears of Disappointment.