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Absconding With The Tontine Funds

Despite what the official records say, I am actually secretly a 70 year old curmudgeon. I enjoy going to bed early, shaking my fist ineffectually at children, and listening to solid gold oldies. My many stunning talents include falling up the stairs and walking into spiderwebs with my face.

Most personal entries are f-locked, but fandom stuff is open to everyone; feel free to friend me, though I tend to be quite a private person so I may not necessarily friend you back right away, especially if I have absolutely no idea who you are or why you're here (so it might be best if you left a comment somewhere). Occasional, inconsequential blather can also be found on Twitter under this username -- same rules apply: if I don't know who you are I probably won't follow back. If your Twitter name is different to LJ's, just give me a heads up!

Fandoms about which I can hold a reasonably intelligent albeit squeeish conversation but do not necessarily participate in:
Arrested Development. City Hunter. Community. Death Note. Doctor Who 2005. Fringe. Futurama. Harry Potter. Horrible Histories. The Hunger Games. Improv-a-ganza. In the Flesh. Lord of the Rings. Merlin BBC. Mystery Science Theater 3000. Orphan Black. Parks & Recreation. Phineas & Ferb. Psych. Sherlock BBC. Veronica Mars.

Ships: Draco/Ginny. Merlin/Arthur. Leon/Morgana. Lincoln/Fauxlivia. Leslie/Ben. Veronica/Weevil.

All my Draco/Ginny fics are located at the Fire & Ice Archive.
All my Merlin/Arthur fics can be found here.

Horrible Histories mood theme by me; downloadable here
Merlin waiting header by me - images from Merlin's Keep; lyrics from 'I Will Wait For You'